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It’s Time For A New Direction for Fayetteville

Hello, Fayetteville!My name is Molly Rawn.

I am running for Mayor of Fayetteville, AR because I believe our city is ready for a new chapter. We are here today because we share a common vision for a thriving, inclusive community that serves as an example of what a great city can be.

For too many years, we have been aware of the challenges we will face, and yet we have not acted quickly enough to prepare for them. Our city and region are growing at a rapid pace, and that calls for rapid action!

Essential workers should be able to afford to live near where they work. Small businesses should find it easy to plant roots in Fayetteville. Our public transportation system should meet the needs of those who rely upon it. Our University and our city should work hand-in-hand to serve students and residents in a way that is beneficial to all involved.

You have a choice. We can continue on the same path under a 20-year incumbent, or we can take a bold new approach — one that includes real solutions for affordable and accessible housing, supports our local entrepreneurs, and addresses the needs Fayetteville has as we look toward the future.

I believe it is time for change.

This campaign is about the future of Fayetteville. The decisions we make now will impact our city for decades.

  • I will introduce accessible forums and clear, open lines of communication that don’t just inform but actively involve you in shaping the future of Fayetteville.

  • I will work to simplify the bureaucratic processes that hold back our small businesses and new neighbors and invest in actions that help them grow and thrive.

  • I will confront our housing crisis with policies that put our community first, and that includes hiring a Housing Director as one of my first actions as Mayor.

  • I will build partnerships to achieve a public transportation system that looks to the future — reducing congestion and pollution and improving accessibility.

My opponent has had two decades to address these issues. I acknowledge his service, but now is the time for fresh ideas and renewed energy. It’s time for a leadership that thinks beyond the next election to the next generation.

We can work together to build a Fayetteville that offers success for everyone — a city where we are proud to live and raise our families.

It’s time for new leadership, it’s time for decisive action, and it’s our time, Fayetteville.

Can I count on your support and your vote in November?

Learn more about my campaign and what you can do to make a difference right now —

Thank you!

Molly Rawn, candidate for Mayor of Fayetteville, AR

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