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The housing crisis in our city is not just a statistic or headline; it's a reality.


In the first half of 2023, the average home price in Fayetteville was $400,000. During the same time period, Fayetteville was ranked the #1 toughest city to find a place to rent. We all need to work toward solutions so that everyone has a place to call home. 

I do not (and will not) claim to have all the answers, but I promise to listen, seek expertise, and consider every viable option to address these challenges. 


Acknowledging the severity of our housing gap is only the first step. We need leadership that listens, learns, and is also bold and decisive. As your mayor, I am committed to being that leader. 


When I’m Mayor, I will convene a cross-departmental task force dedicated to implementing new solutions every quarter, every year. Everyone deserves a place to call home.

The housing crisis isn’t the only challenge we face, but it has a ripple effect that affects almost everything else:

  • Having stable housing makes it possible to hold a job. 

  • Stable housing means better health and less sickness. 

  • Good housing makes being a good friend or a better parent easier. 

  • Housing works as a platform for the rest of life, and without it, everything suffers.

The crisis won’t be solved overnight. It will be solved through leadership in our community, listening to the most vulnerable voices, and reforming the policies and practices that led to the housing emergency that affects far too many of us.
I am dedicated to the well-being of all our residents. When I’m Mayor, I will work for you, and we will do everything we can to fix the housing crisis in Fayetteville.

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